Our Partners & Sponsors

Our Partners & Sponsors

Not On My Watch, Inc. is proud of our linkage with our outspoken  community, parents, elected officials dynamic partners and sponsors.  We often say "We are one commUNITY!!  Together through our unity we are stronger, we are able to carry the torch of empowering our women, girls, families and communities because of the support we receive.

We look forward to traveling this journey together.  This road is wide and vast.. It's because of you, our members continue to THRIVE and beat the odds. There are many ways your business can support our programs and meet the goals of your organization. We love to meet new people and corporations to help us fulfill the mission of our organization. If you have an idea you would like to share, we are happy to speak with you one on one and tailor a custom partnership exclusively for you.

We are currently accepting partnerships and sponsors for our summer program, G.L.A.M. Rising awards ceremony, PROM IMPACT gown giveaway, career shadowing, internships, entrepreneurship workshops financial literacy,  domestic violence prevention, and human trafficking awareness trainings.

How you can become a part of the NOMW family


Volunteer projects offer individuals and employers an opportunity to connect and engage in their community. Whatever your expertise is, we welcome you to join us. We are looking for volunteers and sponsors for career shadowing, internships, entrepreneur workshops, financial literacy, theatre, health & wellness, and knitting.

Event Sponsorships

Not On My Watch, Inc. hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Our Event Sponsorships help individuals and businesses reach target audiences while supporting our members who need us the most. Sponsoring one of our popular events such as G.L.A.M. Rising awards ceremony, PROM IMPACT gown giveaway, Unity-TEA affair, and numerous community outreach programs creates an opportunity for both you and our members to glow and grow.

In Kind Donations

Not On My Watch accepts in-kind donations from generous corporations. We welcome art supplies, hygiene products, food and drink donations, and technology. Please contact us with specifics about your in-kind donation ideas or to schedule a drop off/pick up.

Thank you to our supporters and partners who continue to help us Glow and Grow