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G.L.A.M & G.L.A.M Influencers

The G.L.A.M. (Girls, Leaders, Advocates, Mentors) initiative and its G.L.A.M. Influencers program offer invaluable support and guidance to young girls and young adults as they navigate various stages of their lives. Here's an overview of both programs:

G.L.A.M. (Girls, Leaders, Advocates, Mentors)
Ages: 7-13

Objective: To empower girls in their journey of self-discovery and equip them with the skills necessary to assert themselves, gain respect for their thoughts, and celebrate their individuality.

Focus Areas:

Self-Discovery and Empowerment: Encourage girls to discover their strengths, passions, and individuality while promoting self-confidence and self-worth.
Skill Development: Provide tools and resources that foster leadership qualities, advocacy skills, and mentorship abilities among young girls.
Voice and Respect: Create a safe space where girls can express themselves freely, learn to articulate their thoughts, and gain respect for their opinions.
Community and Support: Foster a supportive environment where girls can connect, learn from each other, and find mentorship from role models within the program.

G.L.A.M. Influencers
Ages: 14-20

Objective: To support young adults as they navigate early adulthood challenges in various aspects of life, including dating, career, finance, leadership, health, and life skills.

Focus Areas:

Transition to Adulthood: Provide guidance and support during the critical phase of transitioning into adulthood, addressing challenges such as decision-making, responsibility, and independence.
Life Skills Development: Offer resources and training on crucial life skills encompassing areas like personal finance, time management, communication, and leadership development.
Well-being and Health: Focus on physical and mental health awareness, including topics like healthy relationships, stress management, and overall well-being.
Career and Leadership: Assist in career exploration, job preparation, and leadership development, equipping young adults with the tools to excel in their chosen paths.

Core Values:
Both G.L.A.M. programs prioritize empowerment, skill development, mentorship, and community support. They aim to create safe spaces that encourage personal growth, confidence, and resilience among girls and young adults.

The G.L.A.M. and G.L.A.M. Influencers programs serve as essential platforms for girls and young adults, providing the necessary tools, guidance, and community support to navigate their unique journeys and challenges, ultimately fostering empowerment and self-assurance.

NOMW Training & Empowerment Center

The NOMW Empowerment Center stands as a beacon of support, education, and empowerment for women and girls. By offering a broad spectrum of services, activities, and a welcoming space, it endeavors to uplift and empower individuals in various aspects of their lives.

The Empowerment Center strives to serve as a sanctuary where women and girls can access essential resources, counseling, education, and engaging activities. We aim to empower our members, fostering personal growth, confidence, and a sense of community.

The NOMW Empowerment Center is a comprehensive support hub designed to cater to the diverse needs of women and girls across various stages of life. Here's an overview of the center's services, activities, and operational hours:

Services Offered:
Education and Training:

Access to educational resources, career information, and life skills programs to empower women and girls in their personal and professional growth.
Advocacy and Counseling:

Available licensed therapists, life coaches, and social workers offering counseling and support services, ensuring a safe and confidential space for mental wellness.
Empowerment Programs:

Workshops and programs focusing on healthy relationships, safety, leadership financial literacy, women's health, cultural awareness, and personal development, promoting empowerment and growth.
Special Activities and Events:
Community Engagement: Organizing special events, participating in elegant tea parties, etiquette classes, karaoke nights, girl chats, and arts and crafts sessions to foster community bonding and personal expression.
Operational Hours:
Regular Hours (Monday-Thursday): 10:30 am - 6:30 pm
Special Hours (Fridays and Saturdays): Call for specific hours and event schedules.
Core Focus Areas:
Empowerment and Support:

Focusing on creating a nurturing environment that promotes empowerment, growth, and support for women and girls of all ages.
Comprehensive Wellness:

Addressing various aspects of wellness, including mental health, career development, financial literacy, and personal growth.

Empowerment Center
Support group
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Family Advocate & Women Empowered (W.E.) Support Groups

The Women & Family Support program offered by Not On My Watch (NOMW) is a dedicated platform designed to provide support, guidance, and camaraderie for individuals aged 20 and above, navigating various stages of life, parenting, relationships, and personal growth. Here's an outline reflecting the essence and structure of W.E.:

W.E. (Women Empowered): Bi-Weekly Support Gatherings

Audience: Parents, Guardians, and Women in All Stages of Life

Frequency: Bi-weekly meet-ups


The program aims to create a nurturing space for women to find solace, understanding, motivation, and connections among peers who share similar life experiences. Led by the participants themselves and facilitated by professionals, the sessions offer a supportive environment for open discussion, learning, and personal development.

The agenda is flexible, allowing attendees to raise subjects ranging from relationships, family dynamics, career, emotional wellness, nutrition, physical health, finance, safety, current events, and more.

Participants engage in conversations, share experiences, resources, and offer support to one another. The goal is to foster a sense of community, friendship, and mutual aid.
Diverse Topics and Resources:

The program covers a wide array of topics, reflecting the diverse challenges and triumphs women face. Participants can freely discuss any subject relevant to their lives, knowing they'll find a supportive environment.
Light Brunch and Networking:

The sessions offer light refreshments, creating a relaxed setting for networking, conversations, and forming meaningful connections.
Core Message:
The program emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and supporting the multifaceted aspects of womanhood, parenting, and personal growth. It's a reminder that amidst life's challenges, joys, and complexities, participants are not alone. Through shared experiences, laughter, guidance, and mutual encouragement, this platform aims to provide solidarity and empowerment.

Human Trafficking Training:

Not On My Watch Silence Is Not Golden Human Trafficking Awareness Training:

Duration: 1-3 days (Tailored for public and private sectors)

Target Audience:

Public and private sectors (including faith-based organizations, schools, businesses, and community-based organizations)
Students and individuals passionate about combatting human trafficking
Program Components:
Awareness and Combatting Human Trafficking:

The training program covers comprehensive awareness sessions on human trafficking, its various forms, identification techniques, understanding victim profiles, and the impact on communities.
Tailored Sessions for Different Sectors:

Customized modules for specific sectors (public, private, faith-based, educational institutions, businesses, etc.) to address sector-specific challenges, responsibilities, and potential roles in combatting human trafficking.
Collaboration and Networking:

Enrollees will have the opportunity to interact with service providers, representatives from government agencies, and other organizations working in the anti-trafficking field.
Emphasis on creating collaborations and partnerships necessary to maximize impact within the city or community.
Certificate of Completion:

Participants who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate of completion, acknowledging their commitment and knowledge gained in combatting human trafficking.
Opportunity for Further Engagement:

Upon completion, participants are offered the chance to continue their training and become Trainers with NOMW. This offers a pathway for ongoing involvement  within the organization.
Training Objectives:
Education: Provide comprehensive knowledge and understanding of human trafficking.
Equip: Offer practical tools, strategies, and resources to identify, respond to, and combat human trafficking effectively.
Engage: Foster collaboration among different sectors for a united front against human trafficking.
Empower: Empower participants to take proactive roles in raising awareness and combatting human trafficking in their communities.
The 4E's Training program by NOMW aims to educate, equip, engage, and empower individuals and various sectors in the fight against human trafficking. It not only imparts knowledge but also encourages active participation, collaboration, and continued involvement through opportunities for further engagement within the organization.

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