Silence Is Not Golden: Human Trafficking Awareness Training

Jan 13, 2024 10:00AM—3:00PM


3551 Laconia Ave. Bronx NY Bridgefield Civic League

Cost $0

Event Contact Pamela Damon | Email


Community wide Human Trafficking training. Join the discussion, become informed, keep your community safe. It’s up to all of us!!

Children are particularly vulnerable to trafficking due to their age and lack of life experience. Traffickers may target children who are homeless, runaways, or who are living in poverty. Children who have experienced abuse or neglect are also at a higher risk of being trafficked. According to UNICEF, children make up almost one-third of all human trafficking victims, with girls particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

People with disabilities may also be particularly vulnerable. They cannot often determine if they’re being controlled.

In addition, individuals who have low self-esteem or need love, affection, or protection are easy targets. Traffickers also target individuals who are isolated or who lack social support. For instance, people who are new to a country or do not have family or friends. Traffickers may also target undocumented individuals who don’t speak the local language. These individuals may be less likely to seek help or report their situation to authorities, making them easier targets for traffickers.