Our Mission & Vision

Mission: To educate, equip, engage, and empower women and girls to lead successful and safe lives.

Vision: Is to eradicate human trafficking, domestic violence, and unfair treatment against humanity through education and training, community engagement & policy advocacy, providing resources and housing for victims, survivors, and at risk youth.

Our Values

Integrity & Excellence

We strive to lead by integrity beyond reproach; carry out all our work with the greatest transparency, responsibility, and accountability; and, delivering the highest quality services and products in all endeavors.


We strive to empower every individual to reach their highest point in life; "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."


We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity and change.


We strive to understand how others are feeling and to respond accordingly.


We strive to maintain the trust of those we serve and the public.


We treat all people with dignity and respect; respect for the worth and dignity of all individuals.


Together we are stronger and together we win.

Mayor's Citation

Our Story

In 2013, Reverend Que English convened the New York City Clergy Roundtable Conference where public officials, community leaders and clergy members gathered to discuss the global issue of human trafficking and its impact on New York City.

Our Programs

NOMW Club Alternatives G.L.A.M. & G.L.A.M. Influences

NOMW Club Alternatives provides a safe, fun and supportive environment for young people to come together, hang out, chat, share their thoughts, concerns, and experiences with each other licensed therapist, life coaches, and unique mentors. We provide a wide range of workshops, training, community events and outings for youth between the ages of of 7-19 years of age.

NOMW Training & Empowerment Center

NOMW Empowerment Center provides a wide source of resources, activities, and training programs to the community, schools, faith based organizations and businesses in the areas of human trafficking awareness, domestic violence prevention, healthy relationships, financial literacy, perinatal care, breastfeeding, community health education, Doula, early child care, teen pregnancy prevention, women's health, career development, unique tea parties, clothing giveaways, and Friday night events.

Family Advocate & M.O.M. Support Group

Women & Family Support for ages 21- and up, in all stages of life.
NOMW understands that parents, guardians, and family members need support. Find comfort, understanding, encouragement, friendship, and laughter in the company of others who are in the same boat as you. Each meet-up is designed to help you through the difficult days, the parenting obstacles, the relationship challenges, all obstacles you're dealing with, and the celebrations of family accomplishments

Traffick-free NYC

TFNYC (Bronx) engages community based organizations, law enforcement, human service agencies, politicians, community advocates, and churches to pool resources to further a New York City-wide movement to eradicate human trafficking in our communities and bring thousands of children and young adults back home to safe places that can help them become productive citizens. Traffick-FREE-BX is the only community-led coalition that brings these entities together for the sole purpose of combating human trafficking. If you, your church, agency, organization is interested in joining the coalition, contact NOMW. It convenes monthly and is the only community-led citywide coalition that works together to focus solely on trafficking in NYC (Bronx) and is comprised of city agencies, service providers, survivors and faith leaders.

HighPointe - Coming Soon

HighPointe Residences is a multi-tier housing model offering comprehensive service-enriched residences for youth aging out of foster care, victims and survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence and those involved in the sex trade.

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Our Impact

"Thank you for this awesome opportunity to help save a life. It could've been me! The training we received at Love Fellowship Tabernacle where my pastor is Bishop Hezekiah Walker was very informative and fun at the same time. I am looking forward to continuing what I learned as one of the directors on Long Island."

Lydia Bonner
Long Island

"Not On My Watch! Is Safety Awareness For Empowerment Helping Aid Victims of Every Nation."

Golda Hawthorne
Brooklyn Borough Director

"The Safe Haven Network training raises the awareness level of the average citizen,- and defines the motivation of those citizens who are actively involved in Faith Based Leadership. I love it when those who are already trained and licensed as Pastors, Ministers, Chaplains, Elders or Deacons can become "students" again. (leave your ego's at the front door when you check-in). There should never be a "monopoly" on God's work because there is certainly enough work to go around! Old saying:" Notoriety may be reserved for some few, but a life of service exists for All."

Dfa, Chaplian
Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Brooklyn

"The training was terrific! I learned where I can direct people if they need services. The domestic violence portion of the program was really informative. She stressed the importance of listening to, and acknowledging what the victim may need at the time they contact you."

Kathleen Moran
PEHT Queens

"I was very much informed about human trafficking. Now I am aware to look out for certain behaviors from teenagers around me and I am also honored to be part of such a great movement. The training was great and informing."

T. Burnett
Long Island

"The training gives me the opportunity to experience helping people who are hurting, and educate all who I come in contact with about how people are being exploited. I want to be a vehicle for Christ in any way I can to spread his Love for Humanity."

Lorraine Graves LFT

"Sarah's Daughters Ministries, Inc. is proud to be a part of the Safe Haven Network. We pray that other churches and ministries will join us in the fight against domestic violence and human trafficking. The training that Pastors and church leaders receive when they join the Safe Haven Network is outstanding. We encourage our colleagues in ministry to open up the dialogue in their churches. We need to create safe spaces in which to teach and comfort those who are in our spiritual care who have been victimized by these horrors."

Dr. Tresmaine Grimes, Sarah's Daughters Ministries, Inc.
Westchester County, New York